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So Your HP Printer refuses to print

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

You configured your computer with a solid state drive and a second sata drive. Then you changed the Windows temp (TMP) folder to the 2nd Drive (D:) to save read-writes and space on your just-installed solid state drive. Then you installed the driver for your new fast, high-resolution HP Printer. Everything is ready to go - Computer works perfectly, boots up quickly, printer driver is successfully installed and you submit your name to the Computer "Hall of Fame". But when you send a print job to the printer, printer is silent and the print job is removed from the queue after a second or two. Plus, you may get the error message "Access is Denied" or "Parameter is Incorrect". Here's the problem and the resolution - When you changed the TMP variable from Drive C to Drive D; the proper permissions must be set for the newly created TMP folder on Drive D, otherwise the printer won't won't have proper permissions to process the print job.

So, browse to that new TMP folder via Windows Explorer or File Explorer. Right-click on the folder. Left-click on the properties command. Left-Click on the Security tab. Change Permissions - click Edit. Add Everyone as a user. Allow Full Control. Now, the printer should work.

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