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Resource Systems - Computer Consultants - Stamford, CT

Typical IT Tasks Offered

•    Computer setup and configuration
•    Transfer data from old computer to new computer
•    Removal of spyware, malware and viruses
•    Network design and installation

•    Wireless Network installation and maintenance
•    Integration of Mac and PC computers on same network
•    Conversion of Mac to PC computer or vice versa
•    Assistance with new computer purchase
•    Remote access to computers
•    Email configuration and troubleshooting


Ransomware story

The owner of a plumbing and heating company in Stamford, CT opened what he thought was a safe email about a Fedex tracking number. The email turned out a ransomware scam. Thus, within a nanosecond all of data files and the external backup drive were encrypted. The thieves had a message that the owner had to pay a ransom in bitcoin to get access to an encryption key, So, after, I calmed the owner down, I did the following. A) Removed the ransomware virus using the program, Malwarebytes, B) Recovered hidden copies of the encrypted files using ShadowExplorer. This program allows you to browse and potentially restore the Shadow Copies created by the Windows Vista / 7 / 8 Volume Shadow Copy Service.

So, the files were restored and the owner didn't have to pay a ransom.

          No Access

Ethernet cable, Network Access


I was at a wedding, when a problem arose. The restaurant's router wouldn't access the internet. When you went to web site, the browser screen just said, " Server not found". So using my smartphone, I accessed the router via its IP address. I checked the router configuration, then I restarted the router by clicking on the restart command.

After the router restarted, I restarted my smartphone, connected to the router WiFi again and tried to access the internet. Voila, it worked. All the guests at my table were happy to hear the news that the WiFi link now worked.


Sometimes. a simple restart cures what is troubling you.

      Sonos Music

Sonos Music Fix

Subway Sandwich Shop in Stamford, CT had a problem one day with their Sonos audio sound system. After approximately 5-10 minutes, the audio would stop. I determined that the Sonos controller needed a software update. So, I installed the Sonos app on my Android smartphone. Then I accessed the Sonos controller and updated the software. That was the answer. Music was playing from the Sonos wireless speakers non-stop. I also installed the Sonos app on the Sunway staff's smartphones so that they can control the volume and station selection.

Customers now have music and radio stations to listen to and they have access to free WiFi.

"Before You Plug It Into The Wall, Give Us a Call""
Resource Systems  Stamford, CT  06903  203-329-3660




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