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  • Ed Kivell

Mesh Metworks - What Are They?

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

A WiFi or Wireless network is a Love/Hate relationship. You love them because they allow you to walk around with your wireless internet device. You hate them when they drop the signal, has weak connections, has a dead spot - you get the idea.

A new type of wireless networks called Mesh is designed to change all that. A Mesh network is a network design where each adapter or node relays all the network data to the next node. By using a flooding technique, all the network data is relayed from node to node. This allows for the potential of what many WiFi users have long wished for - a reliable whole house WiFi without any dead spots.

Prior to the new network topology, the only methods to improve WiFi connectivity was to install a more powerful router OR Install more Access Points, which require Ethernet cabling between the router and the various Access Points OR install some network extenders and rub them with a rabbit's foot for luck in extending the WiFi range.

Eero is one of the wireless devices that has been introduced to promote the mesh wireless networks. The New York Times recently ran an article that explained the advantages of Mesh Networks and discussed the various products. The article explains how a mesh network works and what their advantages are. Ease of configuration and friendly to consumers are just two of the advantages. The only downside appears to be the somewhat higher cost for this technology.

We are ready to advise you on this new technology and for those of you who are "short on time" or don't feel up to the installation; we are ready to install this network and test your computers on it.

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