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  • Ed Kivell

How to be in Two Places at Once

During the last week, I had an interesting request from a client. He will be spending six weeks in Europe to undergo a medical treatment. The issue is, that he had to keep in touch with his legal clients and legal practice. So, the tasks are - sync the documents, sync the calendar, and receive email on the laptop that is going to Europe. First, a bit of background, my client is a divorce attorney who specializes in divorce mediation. He has an attorney friend covering his court filings; however, he still has to respond to email, document inquiries and alike. Further, he wants to constantly sync his laptop computer, which is in Europe with him, with his desktop computer, which remains in his Greenwich, CT office. Oh, did I mention, that money is tight? So how does he sync his documents? Well, we set up a free account at . Mega is a cloud-based file storage service that offers a 15 gigabyte free account. It also offers a free syncing program, Megasync, . You understand the naming trend here? So we created a free account and installed the Megasync program on both the laptop and desktop computers. Soon, the documents were contained on both computers and on his newly created cloud account. Next, I installed Microsoft Office 2016 and configured Outlook 2016 to handle his email account. Outlook was set to leave the email messages on the server. Then I installed gSyncit,, on the laptop. Gsyncit is designed to sync Microsoft Outlook with a mobile phone. So, his calendar and contacts in Outlook are synced with his Google account. Thus, his desktop computer (previously configured with gSyncit), his laptop computer and his Google account are all in harmony. The cost of gSyncit is $20. Lastly, I installed Teamviewer remote access on his two computers. If necessary, the client can remotely access his desktop computer from his laptop. So, he can be overseas and still access his office computer. Teamviewer is free if you only access your home computer. So, the documents were synced and continue to do so. Email is set and the contacts and calendar are completely in sync. And remote access was devised. The only out-of-pocket cost, other than consulting time, was $20 for gSyncit.

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